1. an explanation of what is viewed on a dental radiograph
    radiographic interpretation
  2. identification of a disease by examination or analysis
  3. t/f anyone in the dental team can diagnose radiographs?
    false-only the dentist all other prohibited by law
  4. what is the importance of interpretation?
    • detection of disease
    • detection of lesions
    • conditions of teeth and jaws that cannot be identified clinically
  5. who is trained to interpret radiographs?
    the dentist and dental hygienist
  6. what 8 things must a person have an understanding of to interpret radiographs?
    • normal anatomy
    • dental restorations
    • dental materials
    • foreign objects
    • dental caries
    • periodontal disease
    • traumatic injuries
    • periapical lesions
  7. t/f interpretation is the identification of disease by examination or analysis
    false- that is diagnosis
  8. _______ is made by the dentist after thorough review of the medical history, dental history, clinical examination, radiographic examination and clinical or laboratory tests.
  9. what is it called when an explanation of what is viewed on a radiograph is given?
  10. When and where are radiographs interpreted?
    right after mounted and in front of the patient in a light box or computer screen
  11. who is in charge of patient education?
    team work of all the dental team
  12. _______ and _______ ______are done by team work
    • interpretation
    • patient education
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