Pol 106

  1. 4 functions of Congress
    • 1. Policy Representation
    • 2. Allocative Representation
    • 3. Casework
    • 4. Symbolic Representation
  2. Policy Representaion
    working for laws that advance the economic and social interests
  3. Allocative Representation
    • Pork projects
    • bringing hom the bacon!
  4. Casework
    Fielding the callss and serving specific needs for constituents
  5. What does it take to overide a veto?
    2/3 of votes from both houses
  6. Congressional oversight
    hearings and investigation called by congress
  7. How many people are represented in each district?
  8. Gerrymandering
    Drawing lines for the dustricts to benefit a certain group
  9. Three types of Gerrymandering
    • Pro-incumbent
    • Partisan
    • Racial
  10. Money it takes to campain for Senate?
    $10 million
  11. Money it takes to run for House?
    $1.1 million
  12. Standing Committy
    • most common
    • specify policy such as agg. and justice
  13. Select Commity
    usually temporary to address a specific issue
  14. Joint Commity
    • both houses represent
    • expidites process
  15. Conference Comitty
    corrects differences
  16. Cheif Administrator
    implentation of rules, laws, and national policy
  17. Commander in Cheif
    ability to wage wars
  18. Cheif of Foreign Policy Maker
    • negotiates treaties
    • appoints/recieves ambassadors
  19. Executive Orders
    "clarifications" of the law
  20. Valence Issues
    issues on which we ALL agree(strong economy)
  21. Position Issues
    Issues with 2 sides where canidates attempt to drive a wedge in voters
  22. Wedge Issues
    issues which drive a edge WITHIN a party
  23. Issues Ownership
    defining the issues that voters should be most concerned about in an election
  24. Cycle Effect
    When president foirst enters office, Americans like them pretty well, but as the 4 years continue, they get less and less popular among the citizens
  25. Common Law
    not actually written down; but precedent of what has happened in the past rules
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