Death Certification Lecture

  1. What is Wisconsin Statues 69.18 (2) in regards to death certificate?
    If the attending physician will not be available to sign the death record of a deceased patient, another physician associated with case or with the facility must sign the record
  2. Who can certify natural death?
    An attending physician can certify nature death
  3. If death is other than natural causes who can certified the death certificate?
    A medical examiner/ coroner can certified deaths that are not natural causes
  4. What is Immediate Cause of Death?
    Immediate cause of death is the final disease, injury or complication directly causing death
  5. What is the underlying cause of death?
    Underlying cause of death is the disease or injury initiated the chain of events that led directly and inevitavble to death.
  6. What does mechanism of death mean?
    The physiological derangement produced by the cause of death that results in death
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