1. What records are releaseable?
    1. records kept in the normal course of buisness

    2. investigative report, autopsy report and toxicology report

    3. discretion of the medical examiner
  2. What information will the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner be allowed to release?
    1. death investigation report

    2. completed autopsy report

    3. completed toxicology report
  3. What are the release procedures for a suicide note ?
    verify a release of a copy of the suicide note to NOK

    a year and a day later the ME can release the original suicide note
  4. What is Non-Disclosure of information and how is it obtained?
    Non-disclosure information is important to an ongoing investigation

    Law enforcement can write a formal document requesting that information may not be released
  5. What is the Health Insurace Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
    Effective in October 2003

    Governed by federal government

    provides privacy and security regulatiosn for medical records and patient information

    restricted release of patient information
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