Los verbos

  1. abrir
    to open
  2. beber
    to drink
  3. contestar
    to answer
  4. correr
    to run
  5. decidir
    to decide
  6. diseñar
    to design
  7. enseñar
    to teach; to show
  8. entrevistar
    to interview
  9. examinar
    to examine
  10. explicar
    to explain
  11. juzgar
    to judge
  12. mover
    to move
  13. recetar
    to prescribe
  14. recibir
    to receive
  15. recorrer
    to travel; to look around
  16. representar
    to represent
  17. salir
    to leave; to go out
  18. tener
    to have
  19. tener que
    to have to; to be obligated
  20. tomar la orden
    to take an order (at a restaurant)
  21. vender
    to sell
  22. venir
    to come
  23. visitar
    to visit
  24. vivir
    to live
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