Interacting With Families

  1. Can death investigator respond to families request for a funeral director?
    No it is not ethical.
  2. What are some typical family request?
    1. religious, ethnic and cultural beliefs

    2. requests to view the body

    3. objections to autopsy

    4. requests for autopsy

    5. requests for records and reports
  3. What are some lecture discussed ways to handle oppositions to autopsy?
    1. discuss that it is not mutilation and the funeral can proceed on time

    2. it is not for research or training

    3. explain the rationalization for autopsy

    4. describe the benefits for autopsy

    5. it is free of charge
  4. If an autopsy is recommended but not required by your office, what documentation is required if the autopsy is waived at the family's request?
    Hold-harmless agreement
  5. suicide deaths are especially difficult for the family. Is it necessary to release the information?
    yes, you don't withhold information from the family
  6. What are buddhism belief in autopsy
    believe that soul-body communication after death

    a religious figure has to determine if the soul has life the body

    autopsy is a compassionate act to help the living
  7. What is Christianity view on autopsy ?
    accept autopises to help the living, determine the cause of death and advance medicine

    wants the body proper for burial possiblities
  8. Jehovah Witness views on autopy?
    no certain statement except for blood storage problems
  9. Mexican catholics views on autopsy ?
    opposed unless legally needed (often allow if reasons explained)
  10. Hinduism views on autopsy ?
    disrespecful and object unless required by law

    with to cremate bodies within 24 hours if the body is over three years old
  11. Hmong views on autopsy?
    object belief that person can not be reincarnated unless buried whole
  12. Islam views on autopsy?
    will allowed if legally required

    wants to wrap the body in white sheets have it prayered by a religious leader ASAP and burial right away
  13. Judaism autopsy views?
    allow them if it will have the living and suffering
  14. Orthodox Jews views on autopsy?
    reject unless

    it is buried whole

    it is buried by sabbath

    a rabbi is presented
  15. Native American views on autopsy?
    Often reject autopsy
  16. What paperwork is necessary if the family decides to view the body against the advice of the death investigator?
    Decedent viewing release
  17. What kinds of emotions is the death investigator likely to encounter from the victim's family ?
    Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance
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