Tissue and Organ Procurement

  1. After death who owns the body ?
    The NOK owns the decedent's body but only for purposes of burial and other lawful disposition, not autopsy.
  2. Discuss the forensic autopsy in regards to WI statue
    Does not require the permission of hte next of kin

    involuntary nautre of the procedure

    organs and tissues are returned to the body
  3. Why would state statutes allow ME to keep organs?
    Organs can be retained by ME to determine the cause, manner and circumstances of death or as evidence to document the autopsy findings.
  4. In Wisconsin can a organ donor card allow organs of the decedent to be donated if it is on the driver license?
    No, the NOK has to give consent

    Familes can sue

    federal and state laws require hospitals and present this option to families
  5. Discuss the 1997 Wisconsin Act 0f 304
    There is no evidence that the decedent has made or refuesd to make an anatomical gift, the C/ME shall contact by telephone the organ procurement organization (OPO) designated for the region in which the death occurs

    The C/ME shall provided the OPO with informatin, if known to the C/ME concerning the decedents age, cause of death and if available, medical history
  6. What can hold out longer before being transplanted organs or tissue?
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