US history mid-Term Review

  1. Imperialism
    A stronger country takes over a weaker country
  2. Outcomes of the Sp-Am war
    U.S. brought Philippines from Spain and they gave us Guam And Puerto Rico
  3. Sinking of the U.S.S. Maine
    Event that sparked the Sp-Am war
  4. Teller Amendment
    said U.S. would let Cuba have freedom after Sp-Am war
  5. Platt Amendment
    Revoked Teller; U.S. would control Cuba and have naval bases
  6. Open Door Policy
    all countries have equal tradeing rights with China
  7. "land divided, world united"
    motto for Panama Canal reflecting success
  8. 49th & 50th state
    Alaska and Hawaii
  9. Yellow Journalist
    exaggerate truth to sell papers and make money
  10. Big Stick Diplomacy
    Teddy Roosevelt
  11. The Jones Act
    made Puerto Rico a U.S. Territory
  12. Bull Moose Party
    3rd party introduced by Teddy Roosevelt in election of 1912
  13. Rough Riders
    cavalry unit in Sp-Am War led by future president Teddy Roosevelt
  14. Progressivism
  15. "The Jungle"
    About poor conditions in meat packing industry
  16. "How the other half Lives"
    about poor conditions in tenements
  17. Goals of progressive movement
    to improve poor conditions in society
  18. Tenements
    dirty, dangerous,crowded buildings people lived in during Progressive Era
  19. Muckrakers
    journalist who exposed poor conditions in order to encourage positive social change
  20. Monopoly
    one company controls and entire market; eliminates
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