O Lecture 10/29/10

  1. definition of primary production
    OM synthesized from inorganic substances
  2. definition of photosynthesis
    production OM from carbon dioxide and water using light energy
  3. Redfield Ration
    C:N:P = 106:16:1
  4. Who hypothosized that Fe was limiting phytoplankton grwoth in open ocean envionments
    John Martin
  5. The Ulitmate Test
    • Fe and sensitive tracers
    • various reponses
  6. Posssible side effects of adding Fe
    changes in phytoplankton species
  7. Problems with adding Fe
    decomposition uses up all the oxygen and creates dead zones
  8. Upwelling the supply of nutrients
    • cooler deeper water nutrient rich
    • areas of coastal upweling sites of high productivity
  9. How much of surface biomass is decomposed in surface ocean
  10. How much of surface biomass sinks to deep ocean
  11. How well mixed is the polar ocean
    vertical mixing
  12. What is production limited by?
  13. What are nutrients in the polar ocean like
    high nutrients due to upwelling of the N. Atlantic
  14. What is the mixing int he tropical ocean like
    perment thermocline
  15. Where are there high rates of primary production in the tropical ocean
    equatorial upwelling
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O Lecture 10/29/10
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