O Lecture 10/25/10

  1. What elemant is Diatoms based on
  2. Where are round diatoms usually found
    water clumn
  3. Where are Pennate diatoms usually fuond
  4. What are dionflagellates made of
  5. What feature distinguishes dioflagellates
  6. How do Dinoflagellates make energy
    • some photosynthesize
    • some eat other phytoplankton
    • some live symbiotically with other oganisms
  7. What are coccolithophores made of
    calcium carbonates
  8. What shapes are coccolithophores in?
    crazy ones
  9. What is a coccolith
    plates on coccolithosphores
  10. What is a fun fact about coccolithophores
    • sense density
    • make cloud
    • block sun
    • population control
  11. What plankton are the white cliffs of dover made of?
  12. What happens when plankton are very abundant?
    • 1. shading (blocking the light)
    • 2. Oxygen depletion (excessive respiration or deomposition)
    • 3. Mechanical irritation (damaging fish gills
  13. What causes a red tide?
    • dioflagelates
    • naturally occuring
    • higher than normal concentrations
  14. Definitation of a holoplankton
    entrire life as plankton
  15. definition of meroplankton
    • part of life as plankton
    • juvenile or larval stage
  16. definition of macroplankton
    large floaters such as jellyfish or sargassum
  17. definition of picoplankton
    • very small floaters
    • such as bacterioplankton
  18. definition of neckton
    • active swimmers
    • fish reptiles mammals birds
  19. Where do benthic organisms live
    • on the bottom
    • within the bottom sediments
  20. definition of epifauna
    bethic organisms that live on the bottom
  21. infauna
    benthic organisms that live within the bottom sediments
  22. Classifcation by habitat and mobility
    • plankton - floaters
    • nekton - swimmers
    • benthos - bottom dwellers
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