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  1. What are two main plasma proteins created by the liver?
    • 1) albumin
    • 2) clotting proteins
  2. What is the classic lobule based upon?
    Blood flow to center CV
  3. What is the portal lobule based upon?
    bile flow to the central Bile Duct
  4. What is the hepatic acinus based upon?
    arterial blood flow through 3 regions
  5. What area of the hepatic acinus has the highest O2 level?
    region 1
  6. What area of the hepatic acinus has the highest insulin level?
    Region 3
  7. What hepatocytes of the hepatic acinus perform ATP-required functions?
    Periportal hepatocytes (b-oxidation, urea cycle, protein synthesis, gluconeo.)
  8. What hepatocytes perform drug metabolism?
    Perivenous (Cytochrome P450 system)
  9. What hepa. perform glutamine synthesis?
  10. What occurs in the two metabolic phases of xenobiotics?
    • Phase I: hydroxylation
    • Phase II: subgroup addition
  11. What two molecules are either created or inhibited because of drug use?
    • Superoxide radicals are created
    • GSH is inhibited = H2O2 increases
  12. Are drugs activated or inactivated through CP450 metabolism? What is the exception?
    • Generally inactivated
    • Exception: Activation of amines from grilled food. Converts them into carcinogens.
  13. Why are drugs dangerous for habitual drinkers?
    The CYP2E1 is really active which causes quick breakdown of drugs. This releases superoxide radicals and decreases GSH (increasing Hydrogen Peroxide) which are both dangerous to the body.
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