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  1. What is the dangerous UCB threshhold?
  2. What are the two causes of Neonatal jaundice?
    • 1) insufficient protein synthesis so lack of Albumin
    • 2) huge RBC turnover from maternal RBC's in baby
  3. What is kernicterus?
    • When UCB enters the brain and causes encephalopathy.
    • UCB levels rise above 20
  4. How does blue light therapy help with jaundice?
    • UCB has hydrogen bonding going on in various places
    • Blue light breaks these bonds and makes UCB slightly amphipathic
    • UCB is then excreted in the urine
  5. Why does a person turn yellow when they have jaundice?
    • UCB is hydrophobic
    • Elastin is hydrophobic
    • There is a hydrophobic/hydrophobic interaction
  6. What is Type I C-Najjar Syndrome and what is the UCB level?
    • no GT = UCB >20
    • **use light daily but generally does not work for long because of thickening skin with age and lack of penetrance
  7. What is Type II C-Najjar Syndrome and what is the UCB level?
    Dysfunctional GT = UCB < 20 = less dangerous and less fatal than Type I
  8. What is Gilbert Syndrome?
    Defective promoter region for GT = less GT produced
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