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  1. According to Blomberg, the "hinge" that seperates the two havles of Marks Gospel is

    D. Peters confession
  2. Blomberg sees the "rock" on which Jesus said he would build his church on as...

    C. Peter Himself
  3. According to Blomberg, when Jesus told His disciples that some of them would not taste death before they saw the kingdom coming with power, he most likely referred to . . .

    C. His Transfiguration
  4. T/F That Jesus said, “Get behind me, Satan” to Peter suggests that a Christian can be demon possessed.
  5. The transfiguration narrative makes several parallels between Jesus and . . .

    B. Moses
  6. Blomberg argues that “little ones” (Mt 18 and elsewhere) is a favorite term of Matthew for . . .

    D. Fellow-Believers
  7. To treat someone as a “pagan or tax collector” most likely means to . . .

    B. Refuse to admit them to exclusively Christian gatherings
  8. T/F According to Blomberg, when Jesus told the disciples that they would not finish going through the cities of Israel “before the Son of Man comes,” He was referring to the never-ending nature of the Jewish mission.
  9. What cultural value does Jesus seem to dethrone in the home of Mary and Martha?

    D. Hospitality
  10. Blomberg argues that forgiveness “70 times 7” (Mt 18) assumes in this context that the church should:

    B. Lavish forgiveness on believers who change their behavior
  11. T/F According to Blomberg, the “two or three” gathered in Jesus’ name actually is teaching nothing about Jesus being present in every small prayer group.
  12. According to Blomberg, with what does Jesus’ parable of the friend at midnight most have to do?

    A. How we pray
  13. T/F According to Blomberg, Jesus’ parable about the master’s beating of wicked servants seems to imply that there are degrees of punishment in Hell.
  14. What cultural value or operating principle did Jesus overturn when he instructed his host who to invite to his banquet?

    B. Reciprocity
  15. What does Blomberg suggest as the best indication that a person truly is saved?

    B. Perseverance over the long haul
  16. According to Blomberg, what does “hate” (“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother…—yes, even his own life— he cannot be my disciple.”) in Lk 14:26 mean?

    B. Love less
  17. T/F Blomberg suggests that the parable of the prodigal son teaches only one theological truth.
  18. Which of the following best illustrates the fact that the earthly element of a parable is not always admirable.

    C. The Unjust Steward
  19. T/F According to Blomberg, the story of Lazarus and the rich man is a parable.
  20. In Luke 17:21 Jesus says, “The kingdom of God is [entos] you.” Although the Greek preposition entoscan mean either “within” or “among,” according to Blomberg, the context of Jesus’ saying clearly favors the meaning . . .
    A. within you
    B. among you
    A. within you
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