1. 50 Ice Age Mixed Review
    Sid the sloth is running from the rhinos, hits Manny the mammoth and bounces off of him. This is an example of -

    What is an elastic collision?
  2. 100 IAR
  3. Pinky takes his first steps from Manfred towards Sid, traveling 5 meters East in 20 seconds. Pinky then loses his balance and changes his direction, walking South for 4 seconds towards Diego 7 meters away. Pinky’s average speed from Manny to Diego; his average velocity –
    • •What is 0.36 m/s?
    • R2 = 52 + 72
    • d= 8.6 m, SE
    • v= 8.6m/24s = 0.36 m/s
  4. 150 IAMR
    Carl and Frank, two prehistoric rhinos, are engaged in a shoving match against Manny the mammoth. Both rhinos have a mass of 1500 kg each while Manny has a mass of 2500 kg. The rhino’s push Manny and cause him to accelerate backwards at 0.3 m/s2. The force exerted on Manny by the rhinos is

    •What is F=ma or 750N?
  5. 200 IAMR
    The last encounter has Manny and the bad sabertooth tiger, Soto, fighting each other. Manny tosses the 250 kg Soto (at rest) horizontally into a rock with a final velocity of 22 m/s. Manny’s tusks are in contact with Soto for a time of 1.2 secs while tossing him. The force on Soto is

    What is Ft = Dmv or 4583N?
  6. 200 IAMR
  7. Sid the Sloth (m=30kg) has gabbed hold of a melon and must run through a swarm of resting dodo birds, each weighing 5 kg. Sid begins with an initial velocity of 40 m/s. How many dodos can Sid have an inelastic collision with until his speed falls below 2m/s. Do the calculation.
    • •What is m1v1 + m2v2 = (m1+m2)vf ?
    • •What is 114 dodo birds?
  8. 50 Speed and Velocity
    •Define the term speed. Is it a vector or a scalar.

    • •What is the change in distance over time?
    • •What is a scalar?
  9. 100 Speed and velocity
    • An object moves a distance of 10 m in 5 seconds. The average speed of the object is
    • a. 0.5 m/s c. 40 m/s
    • b. 2.0 m/s d. 50 m/s

    What is answer b. 2.0 m/s? V= d/t =10m / 5s = 2.0 m/s
  10. 150 S and V
    • As a cart travels around a horizontal circular track, the cart MUST undergo a change in
    • a: velocity b: speed
    • c: inertia d: weight

    • What is a: Velocity ?
    • Velocity has direction in its measurement, circle motion must have a constant change in direction.
  11. 200 S and V
  12. The term at in the equation v= v0 +at represents what quantity?
    • a) object’s position b) object’s speed
    • c) object’s acceleration d) object’s time
    • What is b: object’s speed ?
  13. 250 S and V
    • The average speed of a plane was 600 kilometers per hour. How long did it take the plane to travel 120 km?
    • a: 0.2 h b: 0.5 h
    • c: 0.7 h d: 5 h

    • What is a : 0.2 h ?
    • v = d / t
    • 600 km /h = 120 km / t
    • t = 120 km / 600 km / h
    • t = . 2 h?
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