Essntial TOEFL

  1. abroad
    • adv. to or in another country
    • Syn. overseas, internationally

    • Louis Armstrong often traveled abroad.
    • Living abroad can be an educational experience.
  2. abrupt
    adj. quick, without warning

    • adv. abruptly
    • Syn. sudden
    • n. abruptness

    • There was an abrupt change in the weather.
    • After the incident everyone left abruptly.
  3. acceptable
    • adj. allowable or satisfactory
    • v. accept
    • Syn. permissible
    • adv. acceptably
    • n. acceptability
    • adj. accepting

    The idea was acceptable to everyone.

    The registrar accepted more applicants than he should have.
  4. acclaim
    • n. enthusiastic approval, applause
    • adj. acclaimed
    • Syn. praise
    • n. acclamation

    Isaac Stem has won acclaim abroad.

    Acclaimed authors often win Pulitzer Prizes.
  5. actually
    • adv. being in existence, real or factual
    • adj. actual
    • Syn. truly

    They were actually very good soccer players.

    The actual time allotted to complete the test is two hours.
  6. adverse
    • adj. displeasing, objectionable, or bad
    • adv. adversely
    • Syn. unfavorable
    • n. adversity
    • n. adversary

    • Adverse weather conditions made it difficult to play the game.
    • His indecision adversely affected his job performance.
  7. advice
    • v. advise associated with the problem or situation
    • adj. advisable
    • Syn. suggestion
    • n. advisability

    Good advice is hard to find.

    It is not advisable to stay up late the night before a test.
  8. attractive
    • adj. calling attention to, pleasing, creating interest,
    • v. attract pretty
    • n. attraction Syn. appealing
    • n. attractiveness
    • adv. attractively

    The idea of working four, 10-hour work days was attractive to the employees.

    The major attraction of the show was a speech by the president.
  9. ideal
    • adj. having no flaw or mistake, excellent
    • adv. ideally
    • Syn. perfect
    • n. ideal

    The beach is an ideal place to relax.

    Candidates for the job should ideally have five years experience in similar positions.
  10. persistent
    • adj. continuous, refusing to give up, firm in action or
    • decision
    • v. persist
    • n. persistence
    • adv. persistently
    • Syn. constant

    The attorney's persistent questioning weakened the witness.

    Her persistence earned her a spot on the team.
  11. wide
    • adj. extending over a large area
    • adv. widely
    • Syn. broad
    • n. wideness

    Pine forests are found over a wide area of the Pacific Northwest.

    The senator has traveled wide1y.
  12. autonomous
    • adj. by itself, with no association
    • adv. autonomously
    • Syn. independent

    Mexico became an autonomous state in 1817.

    Although working closely with the government, all businesses function autonomously.
  13. disapproval
    • n. the act of disagreeing, not giving approval
    • v. disapprove
    • adv. disapprovingly
    • Syn. objection

    Their disapproval of the plan caused the experiment to be abandoned.

    The students disapproved of the plan of study.
  14. disruptive
    • adj. causing confusion and interruption
    • v. disrupt
    • Syn. disturbing
    • n. disruption
    • adv. disruptively

    Frequent questions during lectures can be disruptive.

    The storm caused a disruption in bus service.
  15. haphazardly
    • adv. having no order or pattern, by chance
    • adj. haphazard
    • Syn. arbitrarily, carelessly
    • n. haphazardness

    It was obvious that the house was built haphazardly.

    Susan completed the assignment in a haphazard way.
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