Arrange for Organ and Tissue Procurement

  1. Old definition of death
    permanent cessation of cardiac and/or respiratory function
  2. Who is a certifier of death ?
    licensed physician or a medical examiner/ coroner
  3. What is the purpose of the D.C?
    1. legal documentaion that person has died

    2. provided information for mortality statistics used to assess the nation's health

    3. develops priorites for funding and programs involving public health
  4. What does "cause of death:" mean?
    Any injury or disease that produces a physiological derangement in the body that results in the death of the individual
  5. What does "mechanism of death" mean?
    the physiological derangement produced by the cause of death
  6. What is natural death ?
    Death due solely or nearly totally to disease and/or the aging process
  7. What is an accident
    death resulting form interaction with a hostile environment (external or internal)
  8. What is suicide?
    Injury or poisoning as a result of an intentional, self-inflicted act committed to do self harm or cause the death of one's self
  9. What is homicide
    Death at the hands of another

    May follow action or inaction
  10. What is undetermined death ?
    Used when the information pointing to one manner of death is no more compelling than one or more other competing manners of death
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