Identify Support Agencies

  1. What is the grieving process according to lecture?
    Intensely disorganizing experience
  2. What are the stages of grief?
    1. denial and isolation

    2. anger

    3. bargaining

    4. depression

    5. acceptance
  3. According to lecture what are some symptoms of grief
    1. headaches

    2. extreme fatigue

    3. loss of appetite

    4. weight loss

    5. feeling a lump in your throat

    6. shortness of breath

    7. sleeplessness or restlessness

    8. limited attention span and changes in concentration

    9. forgetfulness/ inability to organize your day
  4. Things to do to get better
    1. crying

    2. share feelings with others

    3. allow others to support you

    4. spend time alone to sort out your throughts

    5. take care of yourself

    6. temporize your alcohol and drugs

    7. be patient with yourself
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Identify Support Agencies
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