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  1. Where does open sharing take place during death investigations
    1. ME/ Coroner's office

    2. with investigating law enforcement agency

    3. district attorney and family members

    • 4. news media
    • a. press release

    • 5. special cases
    • a. celebrity cases
    • b. mass fatality incident
  2. In regards to releasing information what happens to information that is not verified ?
    It must be explained
  3. When releasing information how information be provided to others?
    Information should be provided in a way that maintains confidentiality
  4. Where does information allowed to be released come originate from?
    Only information originated from the office may be released.
  5. How should release information be documented?
    By time, date and person
  6. True or false? Once information on the death certificate is signed and filed the information becomes public domain.
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Share Critical Data
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