Reporting Critical Data

  1. What is critical data?
    1. Demographic information

    2. reporter information

    3. decedent information

    4. identification information

    5. next of kin information

    6. death event information

    7. medical information
  2. What information pertains to the reporter information?
    1. date and time initial contact made

    2. name and official title of the reporter

    3. agency name and phone number

    4. reason the death is being reported
  3. What pertains to the decedent demographic information?
    1. complete name

    2. sex

    3. race

    4. age

    5. residence address

    6. home telephone number

    7. marital status

    8. social security number
  4. True or false...the driver license is always a positive ID.
  5. What are some examples of non-scientific ID?
    1. Visual

    2. photo

    3. tattoos, birth marks
  6. What are some example of scientific ID's?
    1. fingerprint

    2. dental

    3. implanted (serialized device)

    4. x- ray

    5. DNA
  7. In relation to next to kin does Wisconsin recognize common law marriage?
  8. What information is essential to death event data?
    1. location, date and time pronounced dead

    2. location date and time found dead (or unresponsive)

    3. location, date and time last seen (or known alive)

    4. location, date and time of any injury

    5. who reported the information
  9. What data is essential to medical history ?
    1. recent medical complaints

    2. name of physicians

    3. medical conditions

    4. medications prescribed

    5. alcohol and drug use history

    6. when did they last see an MD and why

    7. family medical history
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