1. Living on campus
    • The school decides to require all the undergraduate students to live on campus.
    • Less and less students will choose to study at this university because students will lose their freedom to choose where to live, which will bring less income than before.
    • The reason why few students attend campus activities is that those activities are boring, not that students are living outside of the school.
    • The woman suggests that the school invest more money on university activities to deal the problem directly.
  2. Increasing fees
    • The school decides to increase the ticket price of recreational center and the income will spend on the renovation of the entertainment facilities.
    • It worth well to update those old equipments, and more students will go there to have fun. Current facilities are dangerous and boring. Student can afford the ticket by spending less on eating or buy original CDs. Compared with big investment on the renovation plan, 35$ is reasonable price.
  3. Increasing class size
    The school has decided to increase the total student��s number in each class to meet the raising demand of student registration. It will have negative influence on student��s learning quality. Having more students means losing the chance to talk with the faculties, and unlike small group discussion and seminars in the old days, they would participate less in the larger size of class. The school��s excuse for limited faculties is ridiculous. The solution to this problem is simply to hire more teachers with more tuition fee paid by new students
  4. New comment
    The school newspaper decides to cancel the news comment section because student can find similar content on the school website, where they can download free information. Also, few students are willing to write serious comments. It is convenient to buy and read school newspaper, and many students like to mark key points. Another reason the woman thinks the plan unreasonable is that she believe students should get paid, so more students are willing to write serious comments, and this will help form sound campus atmosphere to discuss serious issues.
  5. New magazine
    A student proposed to create a new magazine for psychology students because it will encourage more students to publish their thesis papers or articles, so other students can learn from them. The magazine improves student��s knowledge and reinforces their understanding of psychology. Is it especially beneficial to those who want to apply a graduate study in psychology. The article published offer academic guides for younger students who can learn how to write academic papers.
  6. Unavailable person
    The woman is worried about the seminar that would be held the next day. The professor they invited just call to confirm he would not be there. And the woman has no idea how to handle this accident. If I were the woman, I will try to contact professor XX, who has done some researchers in the same field. I fully believe that he will understand me and agree to come. In contrast, the video section will disappointed the students, because it would be boring without the interaction with the professor.
  7. Schedule conflict 1
    The woman��s tutor time conflicts with her history course and she doesn��t know how to make a choice. Personally, I prefer the former/later choice, because only in this semester, she can have the opportunity to take Professor��s history course, and he is an expert in this field. Also, she might have other opportunity to teach excellent students in the future.
  8. Financial problem
    She doesn��t have enough money to cover the tuition fee for her dreaming university. Taking part time job will take too much study time and it would be hard for her to be the top of such excellent university. The university will consider her difficult situation and charge less tuition fee if possible.
  9. Schedule conflict 2
    She is planning to watch the concert tonight, but she hasn��t finished her assignment due to tomorrow. In my personal opinion, it is better for her to cancel the original plan and choose to accomplish the assignment on time. It is student��s duty to put learning as top priority when making decision. As her concern for the ticket, she can release a note on campus forum, to sell the ticket at lower price, I am sure some students will be willing to make the deal.
  10. Locked
    The woman locked herself out of her dorm room, but the worst thing is that she is in hurry to finish her paper which is due tomorrow morning. She can go to the library and check out the relevant book for her paper, or she can find her roommates and get the key. I would choose the second solution, because almost all the important references are locked in the dorm, and she needs these documents to complete her paper, not the book in the library. Also, finding her roommate with the key is short-cut, doing this won��t take her too long.
  11. Transportation
    The man is about to work on history project starting next week, but he doesn��t have proper public transportation to take him to school. No bus go pass the area he lives. Living close to the school is the best solution, because he doesn��t need to worry about the traffic and can spend more time on his history project.
  12. Library openning hours
    the library decided to prolong its open hours to 24 hours a day for the sake of student. To compensate the cost, the opening hours during the vacation would be shortened.
  13. A male student who workes for the school newspaper office has a problem, one of the stories wouldn't be finished on time. This meant there would be empty space left in the newspaper, and the female student came up with the solution that he could ask a poet for help, she also suggested that he could publish some materials about finding jobs in the blank pages. I would recommend the second solution because not all the students love reading poems, and they would find that the newspaper with many poems would be boring. However, filling the spaces with job adverstisement is more practical for students. it is good time to publish that kind of material because summer vacation starts in a month
  14. Wellness club
    a letter from a student suggested that school should finicially support the wellness club for students because students need get in touch with natural, and take a break from their studies. Many students who want to take natural walk have no proper transportation making it too difficult for them to travel on the field trips, but the free transport offered by the school will enable students to go on natural walks. After students recharged from the trip, they would be concentrate more on the school work.
  15. broken car
    the woman needs to pick up her cusin in the airport, but the car has a flat tire, the man suggest that she take a taxi instead, or borrow a car from her roommate. Taking a cab is fast and convenient, this way, she won't miss her cusin in the airport.her roommate is a nice girl, and would definitly lend her car out, but she is in class and can not be disturbed.
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