Muscle Movements.txt

  1. Pectoralis Major
    • flexion of the hummeris
    • ie- CLAPPING
  2. Zygomaticus MINOR
    • moves corners of mouth inferior and posterior
    • FROWN
  3. Zygomaticus MAJOR
    • moves mouth superior
    • SMILE
  4. Orbicularis Oris
    • protrudes lips
    • ie- KISSING
    • *when missing, as in some infants, lips are droopy
  5. Orbicularis Oculi
    closes eyelid
  6. Serratus Anterior
    • Aids in movement of the scapula back and forth
    • Some respiratory movement
  7. Diaphragm
    • Main respiratory movement
    • Aids in Vomiting, Digestion and Urinary movement
  8. Lattisimus Dorsi
    Flexion/Extension of the back
  9. Bicep
    • Flexion of the forearm
    • *its ORIGIN is the bone that does not move, the Humerus
    • *its INSERTION is the attachment to the bone that does move, the Radius
  10. Tricep
    Extension of the forearm
  11. Semitendinosus and Semimembrinosus and Bicep Femoris
    • Extension of the HIP
    • Some flexion of the leg
    • Some posture
    • (Bicep Femoris Rotates leg Medially)
  12. Sartorius
    Rotates leg laterally (check the gum muscle…checkin for gum on your shoe)
  13. Gastrocnemius
    • Flexion and posture
    • ie- WALKING
  14. Soleus
    • Posture and PUMPS blood back up against gravity
    • Muscle made out of Slow Oxidative Fibers (SO) b/c holds posture all the way from the bottom of the body, which takes a lot of endurance
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