Interacting with law enforcement

  1. What are the two agencies commonly dependent upon a legal responsibility during a death investigation?
    1. law enforcement agency

    2. medical examiner coroner
  2. What is the role of the law enforcement during a death investigation?
    Law enforcement must determine if any criminal action has occurred and arrest suspects
  3. What is the role of the medical examiner/coroner during a death investigation?
    The medical examiner/ coroner is to determine the cause and manner of death
  4. What is the role of the prosecutor during a death investigation?
    The role of a prosecutor is to charge and convict alleged suspects with crimes.
  5. During a death investigation what agency does the scene belong to?
    the scene belongs to the law enforcement agency
  6. During a death investigation what agency has control over the body and the contiguous material?
    The medical examiner and coroner agency
  7. List the five classroom duties of law enforcement at the scene of a crime.
    1. collect evidence

    2. establish scene boundaries

    3. document the scene

    4. interview witnesses

    5. protect people and property
  8. What are the four provided scene securities?
    1. protect evidence

    2. protect property

    3. protect investigators

    4. arrest suspects
  9. When arriving to the scene after presented identification who are the two personals that must be identified first?
    1. lead investigator

    2. first responder
  10. What two safety factors should you determine once arriving to the scene?
    1. is the scene safe

    2. what are the entry and exit sites of the scene
  11. What are the five interaction factors must a medical examiner encounter when acting with law enforcement?
    1. scene briefing

    2. conduct walk through

    3. establish chain of custody

    4. document scene

    5. scene debriefing
  12. What is interrogation?
    A non-voluntary isolated interview involving legal authority and requiring "Miranda" waivering rights
  13. How does medical examiners assist the law enforcement during death investigation? Discuss classrooms 6 factors
    1. pronounce death

    2. retain and collect evidence

    3. transport body

    4. establish identification

    5. assist family

    6. determine cause and manner of death
  14. While follow up with law enforcement what five factors are needed?
    1. exchange of information

    2. determine cause and manner of death

    3. request additional interviews and data

    4. discuss investigation time line

    5. participate in case discussions
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