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  1. What do FLA, SWF, and JAVA stand for?
    Flash (.fla, .swf)

  2. What do AVI, MOV, WMV, MPG, RM, and FLV stand for?
    Audio-video interleaved


    Windows Media

    Moving picture experts group

    RealMedia video

    Flash video
  3. What do AIF, MP3, MID, RA, and WAV stand for?
    Audio Interchange File Format

    MPEG Audio Layer-3

    Musical Instrument Digital Interface


    Waveform Audio File Format
  4. What do GIF, PNG, TIF, PDF, JPG, BMP, and EPS stand for?
    Graphics interchange format

    Portable network graphics

    Tagged image file format

    Portable Document Format

    Joint photographic experts group


    Encapsulated PostScript
  5. What does .txt stand for?
    Plain text
  6. What CSS tags define a section in a document for layout purposes?
    • <div>
    • OR
    • <span>
  7. What are the three ways to apply CSS commands?
    • internally
    • externally
    • inline
  8. What tag adds a bullet?
    <li> </li>
  9. What tag creates a bulleted list?
    <ul> </ul>
  10. What tag creates one line of space between two lines of text?
    (line break)

    <lb> </lb>
  11. What tag creates a new paragraph?
    <p> </p>
  12. What is a tag adds an image and defines its size?
    <img src= "name" height="19" width="400">
  13. What tag adds an image?
    <img src= "name">
  14. What tag creates a hyperlink?
    <a href= "URL"> </a>
  15. What tag creates italic text?
    <i> </i>
  16. What tags create bold text?
    <b> </b>


    <strong> </strong>
  17. What tag defines headline styles?
    <h> </h>
  18. What tag sets off page content?
    <body> </body>
  19. What tag displays the name of document in browser title bar?
    <title> </title>
  20. What tag sets off the title?
    <head> </head>
  21. What HTML tag creates and ends the HTML document?
    <html> </html>
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