Notification of the next kin

  1. What is the order of legal next of kin
    1. surviving spouse

    2. surviving children or their legal guardian

    3. surviving parents

    4. surviving siblings

    5. surviving grandparents

    6. other relatives
  2. What are the five steps of notification process when notifying next of kin?
    1. identify the legal next of kin

    2. locate legal next of kin

    3. notify the legal next of kin

    4. record the time of notification

    5. follow-up with other agencies on status of notification
  3. What are classroom examples of ways on determining next of kin?
    1. phone book at the scene

    2. neighbors

    3. doctor's office

    4. medical records dept.

    5. papers or cards at the scene (birthday, holiday)
  4. What are the four methods of determining next of kin ?
    1. foreign consulates

    2. police departments

    3. historical societies

    4. random calls
  5. What are the classroom guidelines in death notification?
    1. be prompt

    2. make the notification in person

    3. be well informed

    4. be supportive and sensitive
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