DH theory

  1. What procedure could save a patients life?
    head and neck exam
  2. which of the following is not assessed during head and neck examination?
    a. skin of face and neck
    b. TMJ
    c. ear drum
    d. lymph nodes of head and neck
    c. ear drum
  3. the cervical lymph nodes lie above, beneath, and posterior to the_____________
    sternocleidomasoid muscle
  4. the medical term for enlarged lymph node is?
  5. which of the following is the largest salivary gland?
    a. submandibular
    b. parathyroid
    c. submandibular
    d. parotid
    d. parotid
  6. the thyroid gland secretes hormones that:
    control the body's metabolic rate
  7. according to the oral cancer foundation, what is the death rate from oral cancer in the united states?
    24 people a day!
  8. of the oral structures, which has the highest incidence rate of oral cancer?
    the tongue
  9. What are some risk factors known for oral cancer?
    • smoking
    • chewing tobacco
    • alcohol
  10. Which of these lesions is least likely to signal oral cancer?
    a. white lesions
    b. brown lesions
    c. red lesions
    b. brown lesion
  11. true or false. erythroplakia have the greatest potential for becoming precancerous
  12. true or false. any white or red lesion that does not resolve in 2 weeks should be biopsied to obtain a definitive diagnosis.
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