Foundation of Biology

  1. The vascular plant body consists of these two systems:
    • 1) a root system that anchors the individual and absorbs water and key ions
    • 2)a shoot system that absorbs the carbon dioxide and sunlight
  2. Occurs when cells located at the tips of each root and shoot divided and enlarged
    primary growth
  3. In some species ____________ occurs when cells near the perimeter of a root or shoot divide and enlarge, widening the structure
    Secondary Growth
  4. Adds transport tissue and provides structural
    Secondary Growth
  5. The structure of its body is dynamic because most plants exhibit _____________, they grow thoughout their lives
    indeterminate growth
  6. Root and Shoot both function in absorbtion:
    of light or key ions and molecules
  7. anchors system anchors the plant in soil, absorbs water and ions from the soil, conducts water and selected ions to the shoot and stores material produced in the shoot for later use
    root system
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Foundation of Biology
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