ch 29 rad exam III intro to rad interpretation

  1. The ability to evanluate and recognize what is revealed by a radiograph allow the dental professional to play a vital role in
    detection of diseases, lesions and conditions of the jaws that cannot be identified clinically
  2. an explanation of what is viewed on a dental radiograph; the ablility to read what is revealed by a dental radiograph
    radiographic interpretation
  3. to offer an explanation
  4. explanation
  5. the identification of a disease by examination or analysis.
  6. who can examine films
    • any dental professional with training in interpretation
    • dentist and dental hygienist and maybe the assistant
  7. to interpret films the dental radiographer must be confident in teh identification and recognition of (5)
    • normal anatomy
    • dental erstorations, dental materials, and foreign objects
    • dental caries
    • periodontal disease
    • traumatic injuries and periapical lesions
  8. refers to explanation of what is viewed on a radiograph
  9. refers to the identification of diseases by examination or analysis
  10. The final interpretation and diagnosis are teh responsibilities of who?
    the dentist
  11. radiographs are taken to benefit?
    the patient
  12. When should radiographs be taken? then what?
    • at the beginning of the appointment
    • mounted
    • interpreted
    • used for diagnostic, theraputic, and educational purposes
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ch 29 rad exam III intro to rad interpretation
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