Quarters 1-3 Vocab Words

  1. Simian
    Related to a monkey or an ape.
  2. Epitaph
    A short statement on a person's grave stone.
  3. Acquire
    To get by some effort or action.
  4. Intrigue
    To stir interest in.
  5. Quandary
    A difficult question.
  6. Nuisance
    A person or thing that causes trouble.
  7. Pulverize
    Demolish or crush compleatly.
  8. Subordinate
    Lower in rank or position.
  9. Unkempt
    Messy or untidy.
  10. Reagal
    Belong to or fit for a King or Qween.
  11. Lexicon
    A dictionary or word list.
  12. Mutation
    A change or alternation in qualities.
  13. Quadrennial
    Takeing place every four years.
  14. Olfactory
    Related to the sence of smell.
  15. Conflagration
    A big fire that causes a lot of destruction.
  16. Placid
    Calm or quiet.
  17. Malignant
    evil in nature, influence, or effect
  18. Benign
    showing kindness and gentelness
  19. Benevolent
    marked by doing good
  20. Emancipate
    to set free
  21. Meddle
    to get in someones business without being asked
  22. Specter
    something that causes fear
  23. Myriad
    10,000 or a great number
  24. Loiter
    to hang out some where with no purpose
  25. Verdant
    lush, green, covered with vegitation
  26. Meritorious
    deserving reward, reconition, or praise
  27. Jubilant
    being thrilled or showing delight
  28. Tumult
    violent, noisey commotion
  29. Participle
    past, present, or perfect form
  30. Guerilla
    an unauthorized soldier
  31. Condolence
    sympathy for another in sarrow
  32. Aghast
    shocked or in horror
  33. Inaugurate
    To place in office.
  34. Kaput
  35. Vicarious
    Describes something experenced through someone or something else
  36. Permeate
    To spread through
  37. Unscrupulous
    Acting without regard for what is right or proper
  38. Vacillate
    To sway or waver
  39. Circumnavigate
    To travel all the way around
  40. Reconnaissance
    A survey of the area
  41. Impertinent
    Improperly forward or bold
  42. Appendix
    Extra material (literacy)
  43. Formidable
    Causing fear or dread
  44. Relic
    An item, object, or idea from the past.
  45. Vernal
    Something haveing to do with spring
  46. Cerebral
    Involving inteligence rather than emotion
  47. Posterity
    For all the future generations
  48. Quintessential
    representing the perfect example of a class or quality
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