Med Term 4

  1. Abduction
    Movement of limbs from trunk
  2. Adduction
    Movement of limbs toward trunk
  3. Ankylosis
    Immobility of a joint
  4. Arthritis
    Inflammation of a joint
  5. Bursitis
    Inflammation of a bursa(sac) near a joint
  6. Circumduction
    Circular movement of a limb
  7. Digit
    Finger or toe
  8. Dorsiflexion
    Bending part backward at a joint
  9. Epicondylitis (lateral)
    Tennis elbow
  10. Eversion
    Turning outward
  11. Extension
    Moving toward a straight condition
  12. External rotation
    Rotating a limb away from the torso
  13. Flexion
    Bending a joint
  14. Internal rotation
    Rotating a limb toward the torso
  15. Inversion
    Turning inward
  16. Kyphosis
    Upper thoracic spinal curvature, humpback
  17. Lordosis
    Lower thoracic spinal convexity
  18. Osteoporosis
    Disease resulting in loss of bone density
  19. Patella
  20. Plantar flexion
    Extension of foot
  21. Pronation
    Act of lying face down; turning hand so palm faces down
  22. Prone
    lying horizontal with face downward
  23. Supination
    Turning of hand so palm faces upward
  24. Supine
    Lying on back with face upward
  25. Ulnar deviation
    Movement toward the elbow
  26. Valgus
    Bent outward; bowlegged
  27. Varus
    Turned inward
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