Med Term 3

  1. Affect
  2. Ageusia
    Taste impairment
  3. Agnosia
    Loss of comprehension of a sensation(s)
  4. Anesthesia
    Loss of sensation
  5. Aphasia
    Impairment of the ability to communicate through speech, writing, or signs
  6. Apraxia
    Inability to use objects appropriately
  7. Ataxia
    Defective muscular coordination
  8. Bell's palsy
    Unilateral facial paralysis
  9. Cognition
    Intellectual function
  10. Confabulation
    Using inappropriate words to fill in memory gaps
  11. Confusion
    Not being aware of time, place, or self
  12. Delirium
    State of mental confusion and excitement
  13. Delusion
    False belief
  14. Dementia
    Broad impairment of intellectual function
  15. Disorientation
    Inability to recognize time, place, or person
  16. Dyslexia
    Inability to interpret written language while having normal vision
  17. Fasciculation
    Involuntary muscle twitching
  18. Hyperesthesia
    Increased sensitivity to touch/pain
  19. Hypoesthesia
    Dulled sensitivity to touch/pain
  20. Labile
    Rapidly changing emotions
  21. Multiple Sclerosis
    Inflammatory disease of the central nervous system
  22. Myasthenia gravis
    Disease characterized by muscle weakness
  23. Nuchal rigidity
    Inability to bend the neck
  24. Paralysis
    Temporary or permanent loss of function
  25. Paresthesia
    Sensation of numbness or tingling
  26. Parkinson's disease
    Chronic nervous disease characterized by tremors and muscle weakness
  27. Reflex
    Involuntary response to a stimulus
  28. Seizure (epileptic)
    Sudden attack of altered consciousness and motor activity
  29. Trigeminal neuralgia
    Pain along the trigeminal nerve
  30. Vertigo
  31. Amblyopia
    Reduction of vision
  32. Anisocoria
    Inequality of pupil size
  33. Auditory
  34. Blepharitis
    Inflammation of the eyelid margins
  35. Chalazion
    Small eyelid tumors
  36. Conjunctiva
    Mucous membrane lining eyelids and eyeball
  37. Diplopia
    Double vision
  38. Ectropion
    Eversion of the eyelid margin
  39. Entropion
    Inversion of the eyelid margin
  40. Epistaxis
  41. Exophthalmos
    Abnormal protrusion of the eyeball
  42. Gustatory
  43. Hordeolum
  44. Iritis
    Inflammation of the iris
  45. Lacrimation
  46. Mydriasis
    Dilation of the pupil
  47. Miosis
    Constriction of the pupil
  48. Nystagmus
    Cyclical movement of the eyeball
  49. Olfactory
  50. Palpebra
  51. Photophobia
    Intolerance of light
  52. Presbyopia
    Defect of vision in advancing age
  53. Pterygium
    Thickening of conjunctiva lining eyeball
  54. Ptosis
    Upper eyelid drooping
  55. Scotoma
    Blind gap in the visual field
  56. Strabismus
    Deviation of eye movement
  57. Tactile
  58. Visual
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