science vocab

  1. what is heredity
    the passing of traits from parents to offspring
  2. what is a trait
    characteristicsthat are geneticly determined
  3. what is a gene
    small sections of DNA that codes for a specific trait
  4. what is a allele
    the different from that a spicific gene can have
  5. what is a domonate trait
    is a trait that will be expresed if the domonate allele is presant
  6. what is a recessive trait
    traits that are only presant if there is no domonat allele
  7. what is incomplete dmonates
    when two alleles work together to determine a trait
  8. what is sexual reproduction
    two different organisnms contribute genetic material to offsrping
  9. what are gametes
    cells that the parent use to transfer DNA to offspring
  10. what is homologous chromosomes
    pairs of chromosomesthat have the same genes and structure
  11. what is fertilization
    gametes come together and make first cells for nw offspring
  12. what is cross-pollination
    sperm or pollen fertilizes the egg of another plant
  13. what is self-plolllination
    when a plant fertilizes it's own egg so the offspring gets all of its DNA from one parent
  14. what is phenotype
    how the genotypw shows up in the organism
  15. what is the genotype
    the two alleles presant for a specific gene
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