Geog ch 9

  1. the deposition of acidic substances on the ground
    acid deposition
  2. the oxygen consumed in decomposing organic waste
    biochemical oxygen demand
  3. a pollutant formed by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels
    carbon monoxide
  4. an organization formed to control the market for a particular commodity, usually by restricting supply
  5. oxygen found in a dissolved form in water; it is essential for aquatic animals, and depleted my pollution
    dissolved oxygen
  6. an exchange of a good or service that takes place without agreement of the parties in a market; pollution is generally considered an externality
  7. a source of chemical energy in formerly living plant and animal tissue. coal, oil, and natural gas are examples
    fossil fuel
  8. a chemical substance composed of carbon and hydrogen; contribute to the formation of photochemical smog
  9. electricity generated by water passing through turbines at a dam
    hydroelectric power
  10. something that is useful and exists independent of of human activity
    natural resource
  11. a compound of nitrogen and oxygen; a component of air pollution
    nitrogen oxide
  12. a small solid particle in the air; a component of air pollution
  13. a mixture of air pollutants formed by interaction of sunlight and pollutants
    photochemical smog
  14. a device that converts light into electricity
    photovoltaic cell
  15. a human caused increase in the amount of a substance in the atmosphere
  16. a site at which solid waste is deposited and covered with layers of earth
    sanitary landfill
  17. a way of managing a renewable natural resource such that harvest can continue indefinitely
    sustained yield
  18. a layer in the atmosphere in which relatively warm air lies above cooler air
    temperature inversion
  19. a pollutant that can be harmful even at very low concentrations
    toxic substance
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