Geog ch 8

  1. herding or domesticating aquatic animals and farming aquatic plants
  2. new techniques for modifying biological organisms and their physiological processes for applied purposes
  3. the production of identical organisms by asexual reproduction from a single cell of a preexisting organism
  4. raising food to sell
    commercial agriculture
  5. a condition that exists when each successive application yields a smaller increase in production than the application preceeding
    diminishing returns
  6. harvasting 2 crops from each field per year
    double cropping
  7. economic activities that are 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th steps in the transformation of a raw material into goods for ultimate consumers
    downstream activities
  8. a mexican form of land tenure in which a peasant community collectively owns a piece of land
  9. a 200 mile zone within which a coastal state controls both mining and fishing rights from its shores
    exclusive economic zone (EEZ)
  10. a concentration of aquatic species suitable for commercial haravsting
  11. the joining of the genes of 2 organisms to produce recombinant genetic material
    gene splicing (recombinant DNA)
  12. the manipulation of species' genetic material through selective breeding or recombinant DNA
    genetic engineering
  13. an intensive effort to develop new grain varieties and associated agronomic systems and to establish them in developing countries
    green revolution
  14. a theoretical perfectly flat surface with no variations across it
    isotropic plain
  15. the specialized production of one crop
  16. the raising of a variety of crops
  17. to give or sell government assets to private individuals or investors
  18. an increase in the cost of an item due not to an increase in it's actual functionality or usefulness, but in its design, packaging, or status advertising
    psychological value-added
  19. the indonesian term for a flooded rice field
  20. the continuing application of science to agriculture
    scientific revolution in agriculture
  21. raising food only for one's self, not to sell
    substinence agriculture
  22. slash-and-burn clearing and cultivation
  23. the difference between value of a raw material and the value of a product manufactured from that raw material
    value added by manufacturing
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