Chp. 8 Voc

  1. Peninsulares
    The top of the Spanish-American society; people who were born in Spain
  2. Creole
    Spaniards born in Latin America, were below the peninculares in rank
  3. Mulattos
    Below the creoles; persons of mixed European and African ancestry, and enslaved Africans
  4. Conservative
    Usually wealthy property owners and nobility; argued for protecting the traditional monarchies of Europe
  5. Liberal
    Mostly middle-class buisness leaders and merchants; wanted to give more power to elected parliaments, but only the educated and the land owners would vote
  6. Radical
    Favored drastic change to extend democracy to all people; believed governments should practice-liberty, equality, and brotherhood
  7. Nationalism
    The belief that people's greatest loyalty should not be to a king or an empire but to a nation of people who share a common culture and history
  8. Nation-state
    When a nation had its own independent government that defended its territory and way of life
  9. Russification
    A policy that forced Russian culture on all the ethnic groups in the empire
  10. Junkers
    Strongly conservative members of Prussia's wealthy landowning class
  11. Realpolitik
    Means "the politics of reality"; term is used to describe tough power politics with no room for idealism
  12. Kaiser
  13. Romanticism
    Movement that reflected deep interest in both nature and thoughts and feelings of the individual
  14. Realism
    Tried to show life as it was, not as it should be
  15. Impressionism
    Instead of showing life life as it was, they tried to show their immpression of a subject or moment in time
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