gylys ch 10 musc-skel

  1. pectoral girdle
    clavicle + scapula
  2. nucleus pulposus
    gelatinous mass in the center of the intervertebral disks
  3. how many cervical vertebrae?
  4. how many thoracic vertebrae?
  5. how many lumbar vertebrae?
  6. diaphysis
    long, main part of a long bone
  7. distal and proximal epiphysis
    ends of long bones
  8. epiphyses are made of what kind of bone
    spongy surrounded by a layer of compact
  9. articular cartilage
    elastic connective tissue, covers bone to make joints move smoothly
  10. anatomical arm is
    upper arm (humerus)
  11. plural of pelvis
  12. pelvic girdle
    • ilium
    • sacrum
    • coccyx
    • pubis
    • ischium
  13. largest, longest, strongest bone
  14. synovial joints
    joints that allow movement
  15. spurs
    new bone formation at the edges of joints
  16. Heberden nodes
    small hard nodules at distal interphalangeal joints of fingers (RA)
  17. gout is the accumulation of
    uric acid crystals in the blood
  18. secondary bone cancer
    metastasized from other cancers
  19. sarcoma
    malignancies that originate from bone, fat, muscle, cartilage, bone marrow, lymphatic system
  20. fibrosarcoma
    cartilage (pelvis, upper legs, shoulders)
  21. osteosarcoma
    bone tissue (knees, upper arms, upper legs)
  22. Ewing sarcoma
    from primitive nerve cells in bone marrow (usually shaft of long bones)
  23. arthroclasia
    surgical breaking of an ankylosed joint to provide movement
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