1. If a word ends in -ER, it compares two (2) things
    Example: nicer, cooler, bigger

    It is cooler today than yesterday.
  2. If a word ends in -EST, it compares more than 3 things.
    Examples: tallest, freshest, biggest

    That was the freshest bread in the world!
  3. Compound Words are two small words that make a new word with a new definition.
    Examples: raincoat, birthday, mailbox, railroad
  4. What is a topic in a paragraph?
    A topic is WHAT the paragraph is about.
  5. What is a MAIN IDEA of a paragraph?
    The main idea is what they are mostly talking about in the paragraph.

    Example: there are many kinds of bread, there are many interesting things to do at a farm.
  6. What are DETAILS in a paragraph.
    Details support the main idea and give examples of what the main idea is about.

    Example: pick apples, ride a pony, go on a hayride are all things you can do on a farm.
  7. Suffix -LY

    Words that end in -LY describe an action.
    Example: to sit QUIETLY, to eat LOUDLY, to pet GENTLY
  8. Here is the problem: Murphy is missing and not in the house.

    What could be a Solution?
    • Solutions:
    • Shout "Murphy"
    • Ask our neighbors if they saw him.
    • Look for him around the neighborhood.
  9. the ending -TURE in words
    • Examples:
    • mixture
    • sculptures
    • features
    • nature
    • creature
    • picture
  10. What is making INFERENCES?
    • An Inference is like guessing what a person is like or what they are going to do.
    • You use information in the story and examples of their behavior to make your guess.
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