Hodges Vocab 4

  1. Renounce
    to give up; to disown
  2. Aspire
    to long for something of high value
  3. Devout
    Expressing devotion or piety
  4. Secular
    of or pertaining to worldly things
  5. Render
    to make or become
  6. Agility
    the power of moving quickly and easily
  7. Courtliness
    polite; elegant
  8. Sedately
    calm, quiet, composed
  9. Personable
    of pleasing personal appearance; likable
  10. Eminent
    high in rank; prominent
  11. Accrue
    to happen as a result of natural growth; to increase in amount
  12. Dispatch
    to send away; to dismiss
  13. Malady
    any disorder or disease of the body
  14. Diligent
    constant effort to accomplish something
  15. Repine
    to be discontented; to complain
  16. Frugal
    prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful
  17. Wield
    to exercise power as in ruling or dominating
  18. Mode
    • a manner of doing; method
    • a particular form of something
  19. Defer
    to put off to a future time
  20. Disdain
    to look upon or treat with contempt; despise; scorn
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