Medicolegal Death Investigation

  1. What four variation is death investigation performed under legal authority?
    1. state medical examiner

    2. county coroner/ medical examiner

    3. federal (Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner)

    4. Tribal
  2. True or false ? Deaths occurring within county are investigated by that county?
  3. True or false ? Deaths are investigated by the county in which the incident resulted in where the death occurred.
  4. True or false? Investigation and autopsys can be separeted?
  5. Where are laws and statues generally reflected?
    In the office policy or procedure instructions.
  6. What are some examples of who deaths must be reported to? What kind of agencies?
    • 1. FAA
    • 2. NSTB
    • 3. DAWN
    • 4. District attorney
    • 5. occupational safety and health administration
    • 6. Consumer Product Safety Commission
    • 7. health department
    • 8. state vital records office
    • 9. Bureau of Child Welfare
  7. In reporting deaths to the coroner and medical examiner what do you generally depend on?
    The local, county and state statues
  8. Provide a few examples of reportable deaths ? At least 8.
    1. Abortion related (?)

    2. unexplained, unusual or suspicious death

    3. homicides

    4. deaths due to poisoning (H/S/A)

    5. deaths following accidents (whether or not injury was the root cause)

    6. unattended death

    7. Inmates

    8. In custody

    9. Diagnostic/ Therapeutic/ Anesthetic related death

    10. Neglect/ abuse

    11. death occurring outside of a hospital or nursing home and not registered with an official hospice program

    12. occupational-related death

    13. SIDS cases

    14. any death in which there is doubt as to whether or not it is reportable ...essentially report it anyways
  9. Who is the Medical Examiner or Coroner governed by?
    Federal, state, county and local laws/ statutes
  10. Who is responsible for assembling all state laws on a regular basis?
    Secretary of State
  11. Provide at least five examples of agencies that may be involved in death investigation.
    1. police (the first ones to respond to the seen)

    2. Fire

    3. district attorney

    4. medical examiner

    5. NTSB/ FAA
  12. What is forensic pathology?
    Forensic pathology is a branch of medicine that applies to the principles and knowledge the medical sciences to the problems in the field of law.

    Combining medical science to criminal justice
  13. What are the given six roles of Forensic Pathologist?
    1. Promote and protect public health and safety

    2. document identification

    • 3. document injury or disease
    • a. medicolegal or hospital setting

    4. determine cause and manner of death

    5. provide expert testimony

    6. promote and protect public health and safety
  14. What are the six lecture accidental deaths provided in class that require medicolegal investigation?
    1. water related

    2. aircraft

    3. occupational

    4. motor vehical

    5. therapeutic

    6. domestic
  15. What are other types of deaths that require a medicolegal death investigation?
    1. institutionalized patient

    2. suicide

    3. homicide

    4. in custody

    5. prior to cremation

    6. identification problems

    7. publich health hazard

    8. postpartum death

    9. medical care problem (or alleged)

    10. sudden / unexpected death

    11. unattended

    12. product litigation

    13. failure of attending physician to certify

    14. discretion of coroner or Medical Examiner
  16. What is Suicide?
    A deliberate act of self- destruction
  17. What is homicide?
    1. Death at the hands of another person

    2. may involve action or inaction

    3. degrees apply to the murder
  18. In Custody Death
    1. Involve any manner of death and high visibility

    2. pressure from family, authorities, others
  19. What can help solve identification problems during a death investigation?
    • 1. possessions
    • a. wallet

    2. marks/ scars/ tattoos

    3. medical treatment

    4. dental

    5. anthropology

    6. fingerprints

    7. DNA
  20. List three examples of Institutionalized Patient give in class
    1. nursing home

    2. board home care

    3. group home
  21. List three classroom examples of Public Health Hazards
    1. infectious disease

    2. toxic exposure

    3. Hepatitis B
  22. List six examples given in class to the manner of death?
    1. natural

    2. accident

    3. suicide

    4. homicide

    5. undetermined

    6. other (pending)
  23. What is natural death?
    1. progression of disease process

    2. disease that was no discovered/ diagnosed
  24. Who can only certify natural death ?
  25. Describe Accidental death ?
    Interaction with a "hostile envieronment"
  26. Discuss suicide
    1. Deliberate act of self destruction
  27. What is the population percent for suicide?
    30 %
  28. Discuss Homicide
    Death at the hands of another person
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