Chapter 10 Test Kelley/Bradley

  1. Cost the United States $15
    million, but also doubled the size of the nation.
    The Louisiana Purchase
  2. Left St. Louis and explored
    the southern part of the Louisiana Purchase.
    Zebulon Pike
  3. Was a big help to the Lewis
    and Clark Expedition in dealing with Native American peoples the group
    encountered because she could speak the Shoshone language.
  4. Provided information about places
    previously unknown to Americans and proved conclusively that an all-water
    route across the continent did not exist.
    The Lewis and Clark Expedition
  5. Until the Embrago Act of 1807, this President has this attitude about
    foreign policy included being friendly to all countries, but staying out of their business.
    Thomas Jefferson
  6. The author of the poem that later
    became the national anthem of the U.S. was
    Francis Scott Key
  7. The treaty that ended the War of 1812?
    The Treaty of Ghent
  8. Lead the exploration of the Louisiana
    Purchase, President Jefferson chose a young army officer named ___.
    Meriwether Lewis
  9. The talents that ___
    brought to exploring the Louisiana Purchase included skill as an outdoorsman
    and mapmaker and natural abilities as a leader
    William Clark
  10. Hero at the Battle of New Orleans
    Andrew Jackson
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