Tracheostomy Suctioning

  1. Step 1. Identify what?
    Identify client and the need for suctioning/trach care
  2. Step 2 assess what?
    Assess need for pain medication prior to procedure
  3. Step 3 Inform what?
    Inform the client of procedure
  4. Step 4 Obtain what?
    Obtain necessary equipment for both suctioning and trach care
  5. Step 5 perform what?
    Perform hand hygiene
  6. Step 6 Adjust what
    Adjust the bed to a comfortable working position with client in a semi fowler's position. Place water proof pad or towel across client's chest for protection
  7. Step 7 Assess what?
    Assess suction pressure. Need to be 100-150 mm Hg
  8. Step 8 open what?
    Open sterile suction package using aseptic technique
  9. Step 9 Put on what?
    Don face shield first, then carefully remove the sterile container, touching the outside surface only. Fill with sterile NS and apply gloves. Dominant hand will be sterile while non-dominant hand will be non-sterile
  10. Step 10 With which hand?
    With your dominant, sterile gloved hand, pick up the sterile catheter. Using your non-dominant hand, pick up the tubing and connect it with your sterile suction catheter wrapping the sterile catheter around your sterile hand.
  11. Step 11 Remove what?
    Remove client's oxygen/humidification source with non-dominant hand. Maintain a watchful eye on your client's oxygen saturation during procedure
  12. Step 12 Moisten what?
    Moisten tip of catheter by dipping into sterile saline and occlude the port. Sterile catheter will be in dominant/sterile hand
  13. Step 13 Gently and quickly what?
    Gently and quickly insert the catheter into tracheostomy advancing gently taking care not to occlude the port while advancing until client coughs vigorously or you meet resistance.
  14. Step 14 Apply what
    Apply suction by intermittently occluding the suction port of your catheter with the thumb of your non-dominant hand. Gently rotate the catheter as it is being withdrawn. Never suction more than 10 seconds at a time (15 seconds is absolute maximum). HOLD BREATH
  15. Step 15 Replace what?
    Replace client's oxygen source
  16. Step 16 flush what
    Flush catheter with sterile NS from the sterile container. Wrap suction catheter around hand and allow client to rest for 30 seconds between suction passes. No more than 3 suction passes per any given suctioning episode
  17. Step 17 Remove what?
    Remove excess secretions from catheter (wipe using towel or protective pad thus rendering your catheter non-sterile) and suction the oropharnyx. Remember, it cannot be reinserted into the trachea. Perform oral care.
  18. Step 18 Dispose of what?
    Dipose of catheter by removing gloves and housing catheter inside of glove. Dispose of in the appropriate container.
  19. Step 19 perform what
    perform hand hygiene
  20. Step 20 prepare for what
    Prepare for tracheostomy care
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