Biol 1009 exam 2

  1. What is a homologus chromosome
    Chromosome that look identical and contain the genes to determine traits.
  2. Allele
    Different forms of the same genes
  3. Daughter cell
    When a cell divides and splits into towo identical cells
  4. What is mitosis
    The division of a nucleus into two subunits
  5. 5 phases of Mitosis
    • Prophase
    • Prometaphase
    • Metaphase
    • Anaphase
    • Telophase
  6. What happens during prophase
    • DNA Condenses into chromosomes
    • Spindle fibers begin to form
    • The nucleus disappears
  7. What happens during Prometaphase?
    • The nuclear envelope disappears by breaking into small peices
    • The spindle fibers begin to connect to the kinotechores
    • The centromes begin to move toward the equator(metaphase plate)
  8. What happens in metaphase?
    • The centromes align at the metaphase plate
    • The centrome of each chromatid is "digested" so the chromatids are no longer attatched
  9. What happens in anaphase?
    • The chromosomes seperate from each other
    • The choromosomes move towards their poles
  10. What happens in Telopahase
    • The chromoseomes have reached the poles
    • the nuclear envelope reforms
    • Cytokenisis pinches the cell into two seperate daughter cells
  11. Cytokenesis
    • When the cytoplasm spilts
    • Starts during anaphase in animal cells, creates a cleavage furrow
  12. What is meiosis?
    • Divisio in which the number of chromosomes is reduced by half
    • Involves two cell divisions
  13. What happens during Meiosis- Prophase
    • Spindle aparatus forms
    • chromosomes condense
    • Hommologus pairs form a tetrad
  14. What happens during Meiosis- Metaphase
    Homologous pairs line up in the middle on the metaphase plate
  15. What happens during Meiosis- Anaphase
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