PBL Case 1

  1. FVC (Forced Vital Capacity)
    Totoal volume that can be exhaled during maximum forced expiration

    • Low FVC:
    • With decreased FEV1: Restrictive ventilatory impairment
    • [absolute FEV1/FVC >.07

    • FVC: Normal/decreased
    • and FEV1 absolutely decreased: Obstructive ventilatory impairment
    • [absolute fev1/fvc<.07]
  2. Methacoline Challenge testing
  3. Cardiopulmonary stress testing
    • Indications:
    • Evaluate dyspnea, preoperative risk when removal of a lung segment or lung repair is contemplated, evaluate a disability, evaluate exercise induced asthma, evaluate therapy
  4. Arterial blood gas
    Provides status of acid base, oxygenation, and ventilation
  5. Troponin Levels
    • Criterion standard in defining and diagnosing MI
    • Positive troponin levels are considered virtually diagnostic of myocardial infarction
  6. Creatine Kinase level
    Previous standard criterion for MI
  7. Myoglobin levels
    myoglobin urine levels rise in MI
  8. CBC
    • rule out anemia before giving anti-thrombolytic prophylaxes
    • leukocytes may be elevated in MI
  9. Chem panel
    • In setting of MI, potassium and magnesium levels
  10. C reactive protein
    if acute coronary syndrome is suspected
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