Pig parts

  1. Anus
    opening of the rectum through which undigested food particles are egested from the body.
  2. Genital papilla table
    small fleshy projection around the urogenital opening of the female fetus which is homologous to the penis in te male.
  3. Facial nerve
    sensory/motor nerve that originates from the medulla oblongata and innverates the facial and digastric muscles, the taste buds and salivary glands.
  4. mandibular gland
    salivary gland in mammals which releases fluids into the mouth to facilitate swallowing and digestion.
  5. masseter muscle
    muscle to chew
  6. hard palate
    bony plate seperating the rostral portion of the oral cavity from the nasopharynx in mammals
  7. nasopharynx
    region of the nasal passageway above the soft palate
  8. parotid ducts
    small canal leading from the parotid gland to the oral cavity through which the parotid gland releases its salivary enzymes into the mouth.
  9. parotid gland
    rather large salivary gland located near the ear of the pig
  10. sublingual gland
    salivary gland located underneath the skin and alongside the tongue of the pig
  11. larynx
    enlarged oval-shaped region cranial to the trachea that contain the vocal cords.
  12. trachea
    cartilaginous tube extending from the larynx to the lungs through which air is transported during respiration
  13. esophagus
    muscular passageway connecting the mouth and oral cavity to the stomach
  14. thymus
    endoctine gland located along the lateral margins of the trachea near the larynx and lying on the cranial margin of the pericardial membrane surrounding the heart; produces thymosin
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