Geog ch 5

  1. the distribution of humankind across our planet
    population geography
  2. the study of individual populations in terms of specific group characteristics
  3. the number of people per unit of area
    arithmetic density
  4. the density of population per unit of cropland
    physiological density
  5. able to support a high population density
    carrying capacity
  6. the annual number of live births per 1000 people
    crude birth rate
  7. the annual number of deaths per 1000 people
    crude death rate
  8. the difference between the number of births and number of deaths
    natural increase or natural decrease
  9. the number of children born per year per 1000 females in a population
    fertility rate
  10. the average number of children that would be born to each woman in a given society if, during her childbearing years (15-49), she bore the children at the current year's rate for woman that age
    total fertility rate (TFR)
  11. TFR of 2.1 children, which stabilizes the population
    replacement rate
  12. a prediction of the future, assuming that the world's current population trend remains the same or else changes in defined ways
    population projection
  13. constant population
    zero population growth
  14. the number of years it would take a country to double it's population at it's present rate of increase
    doubling time
  15. a graphic device that represents two aspects of population: age and gender
    population pyramid
  16. the ratio of the combined population of children less than 15 years old and elderly people over 64
    dependency ratio
  17. a model to describe a country's historical experience
    demographic transition
  18. the number of infants per thousand who die before reaching 1 year of age
    infant mortality rate
  19. the average number of year a newborn baby within a given population can expect to live
    life expectancy
  20. the study of incidence, distribution, and control of disease
  21. disease causing organisms
  22. change in the leading causes of death
    epidemiology transition
  23. the theory that the future of humankind would consist of endless cycles of war, pestilence, and famine
    Malthusian theory
  24. a migrant who intends to stay in their new location only until they can save enough capital to return to their homeland to a higher standard of living
  25. natives
    indigenous peoples
  26. the migrations of black peoples out of africa
    african diaspora
  27. strict racial segregation in south africa
  28. the chinese commercial supremacy and their international links
    Overseas Chinese
  29. the safety a country grants refugees
  30. money sent home from workers abroad
    workers' remittances
  31. the emigration of a country's best-educated people and most skilled workers
    brain drain
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