Class 224 Chapter 6

  1. The functions of case management includes?
    • assessment
    • treatment/service planning
    • service coordinatin
    • system linkages
    • addressing problems other than addicition
    • resource monitoring
  2. What does ICMS stand for?
    Intensive Case Management Services
  3. IDRC Addiction Certifiation Board limit case management to?
    • coordination of service activities only
    • service activity
  4. One purpose of Screening it to?
    • Attesting to the presence of a conditon that may go unrecognized if not detected
    • Providing data to decide whether a client is appropriate for a specific treatment program or vice versa
  5. What does CAGE mean?
    • Cut
    • Annoyed
    • Guilty
    • Eye opener
  6. What is the intake procedure?
    formal admission to treatment program
  7. Treatment Planning is what type of process?
    Ongoing process
  8. Outcome objectives must be?
    • simple
    • concrete
    • measurable
    • relevant to the goals
  9. In writing a treatment plan, it is important to?
    • individualize the goals accordingly
    • it is important to remember that a treatment plan is not set in stone
  10. Each contact with a client requires?
  11. Resources and servies can best be facilitated for client by?
    developing a personal directory
  12. The four major researched high rish relapse situations are?
    • negative emotions - anger and frustration
    • social pressure - around people using
    • interpersonal conflict - fight with family
    • positive emotions - celebration
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Class 224 Chapter 6
Class 224 Chapter 6