WWII Conferences

  1. September 1938- mainly about Adolf Hitler wanting to annex German region of Czechoslovakia which Czech president opposes, Munich Pact formed, "Peace for our time" British PM says
    Munich Conference
  2. August 1941- secret meeting between Churchill and Roosevelt on boats of the coast of Newfoundland, discussed post-WWII, resulted in Atlantic Charter
    Atlantic Charter
  3. January 1943- Allied meeting at Anfa Hotel in Morocco, Roosevelt, Churchill and deGaule discussed next war in Europe, Stalin invited but busy, Operation Husky planned
    Casablance Conference
  4. November 1943- Roosevelt, Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek, discussed Japan, post-war Asia, Stalin didn't attend because of China, resultedd in stripping Japan from gained land
    Cairo Conference
  5. November 1943- Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, planned final strategy against Nazi Germany, Operation Overload (D-Day) planned, USSR agreed to fight Japan, United Nations formed
    Tehran Conference
  6. July 1944- Mt. Wanshington hotel in NH, 44 allied countries discussing post-war, currency exchange rates, World Bank, Keynes represented Britain
    Bretton Woods Conference
  7. August 1944- held in Georgetown mansion, discussed UN and who would be invited, Stettinius led for Americans
    Dumbarton Oaks Conference
  8. February 1945- allied meeting at Livadia Palace in resort town of Crimea, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met to discuss post-war Europe, decided to divide Germany into 4 zones, USSR would get Poland, Stalin agreed declare war on Japan
    Yalta Conference
  9. July 1945- allied meeting at Cecilienhof Palace, just outside of Berlin, Truman, Churchill and Stalin met to discuss punishment of Nazi and to end war with Japan, Churchill replaced by Atlee,Truman makes reference to atomic bomb
    Potsdam Conference
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WWII Conferences
WWII Conferences