CLASS 224 Chapter 5

  1. What do Ethical Priciples define?
    • govern the right
    • good and moral behaviors in proper professional relationship
  2. What is Professional conduct?
    • Maintaining of standards or responsibility
    • intergrity and accountabilty
  3. What are the two most used forms of consents?
    • to allow continuity of care when different facilities are involved in the clients treatment(detoxification and rehabilitation units)
    • to report a client's compliance to a referring agency (EAP administrator or parole office)
  4. What is the highest ethical principle according to Lowenberg and Dolgoff?
    protecting human life
  5. What is the basis for mal practice of a supervisor?
    failure to provide adequate supervision is unethical and a basis for action under mal practice law
  6. The counseling relationshi is
    "privileged" legally covered with a code of silence
  7. What is HIPAA?
    a privacy rule that applies to covered entities , which are health plans and health care providers who transmit health informatio in electronic/computer based forms as for submission of claims, coordination of benefits, referral certification and authorization.
  8. What does "informed consent mean"?
    client has been educated as to the nature and form of disclosure before they sign it.
  9. In regards to the client, when does confidentiality apply?
    it start when the client applies or calls to apply
  10. When should confidential information to other staff members be provided?
    need to know basis
  11. What does the term "evidentiary privilege refer to?
    privileged status information cannot be used as evidence in court
  12. What is not permitted ethical practive?
    anything wrong
  13. Misleading a client into thinking you have credentials that you do not have is an example of an ethical standard related to ?
    Representation of Services
  14. In promoting your treatment program, it is acceptable to
    advertise in newspaper and journals
  15. Services can be denied of a client because of?
    They don't qualify for the service a male can't go to a female treatment center.
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