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  1. austere
    (adj.) [ah STEER] stern in manner or appearance; strict in morals. Expecting that our week with an Amish family would be an austere experience, we were pleasantly surprised by the lavish meals.
  2. circumspect
    (adj.) [SUR kem spekt] careful; cautious; aware of the circumstances. Louise was usually very circumspect, so everyone was surprised when she was the first one to leap into the chilly waters of Lake Bungee.
  3. clairvoyant
    (adj.) [klair VOIY ent] having exceptional insight even to the point of fortune telling. Victor made a fortune on Wall Street by using his clairvoyant powers to buy stocks he felt would increase in value.
  4. devoid
    (adj.) [di VOID] entirely without; lacking. Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked on an austere looking island, seemingly devoid of inhabitants.
  5. epitome
    (n) [uh PIT uh mee] embodiment; the representative or expression an entire class or type. General Norman Schwartzkof is the living epitome of the heroic military figure.
  6. equanimity
    (n) [eh kwah NIM eh tee] evenness of temper. I admire the way Mrs. Charles retains her equanimity and composure even in her most unruly seventh grade class.
  7. fiat
    (n) [FEE at] decree; pronouncement from someone in authority. (from the Latin “let it be done”) Lacking the cooperation of parliament, the dictator ruled by fiat, using the army to enforce his decrees.
  8. garner
    (v) [GAR ner] to gather and store away; to collect. By paying close attention to the teacher, Michelle was able to garner enough information to pass the test with only a half‑hour of study.
  9. persiflage
    (n) [PUR suh flajz] a frivolous and derisive manner of treating a subject; idle, good natured banter. The group of teenage boys clumped around the snack bar, their persiflage punctuated with laughter and high fives.
  10. perspicacity
    (n) [pur spi KAS uh tee] shrewdness or astuteness. Although he believed himself to be in love, Dave’s perspicacity alerted him to the mockery in her voice.
  11. Philistine
    (adj.) usually capitalized [FIL UH steEn] (of the people of ancient Philistia) smug, igno­rant; indifferent or antagonist to artistic and cultural values. Walter, comfortable in his Philis­tine straitjacket, closed his mind to anything, which seemed too “highbrow” or “artistic.”
  12. renegade
    (n) [REN UH gayd] traitor or rebel; outlaw. After deserting from the regular army, Captain Sanders gathered together a renegade band of outlaws, which terrorized residents of outlining settlements.
  13. resilient
    (adj.) [rih ZIL yunt] getting back strength or spirits quickly; springing back into shape or position. The NASA scientists are searching for a material that will be as resilient as rubber and yet as sturdy as steel.
  14. tangential
    (adj.) [tan JEN shəul] diverging or digressing; merely touching a subject, not dealing with it at length. Although the student’s paper was entitled “Causes of the American Civil War,” the essay dealt with tangential issues, rather than the main reasons.
  15. vindictive
    (adj.) [vin DIK tiv] revengeful; unforgiving; bitter; spiteful. The surprise test seemed to be a vindictive act by Mr. Rollins to punish us for mistreating the substitute the day before.
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