Mythological Monsters

  1. chimera
    a mythological, fire-breathing monster, commonly represented with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.
  2. lamia
    one of a class of fabulous monsters, commonly represented with the head and breast of a woman and the body of a serpent, said to allure youths and children in order to suck their blood.
  3. hippogriff
    a fabulous creature resembling a griffin but having the body and hind parts of a horse.
  4. wyvern
    a two-legged winged dragon having the hinder part of a serpent with a barbed tail.
  5. griffin
    a fabled monster, usually having the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.
  6. gorgon
    any of three sister monsters commonly represented as having snakes for hair, wings, brazen claws, and eyes that turned anyone looking into them to stone. Medusa, the only mortal Gorgon, was beheaded by Perseus.
  7. fenris wolf
    a wolflike monster, a son of Loki and Angerboda, chained by Gleipnir but destined to be released at Ragnarok to eat Odin and to be killed by Vidar.
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