Executive branch

  1. what does the executive branch do?
    administer and enforce the laws
  2. What is the term of office for the predsident and vice president?
    two 4 year terms of a max of 10 years
  3. Who appoints the electors?
    state legistlatures
  4. What does electors mean?
    the electoral college
  5. How is the numbers of electors each state has determined?
    its the number of representatives in the house plus 2 senators
  6. Who determines the time of choosing electors and the day on which they will vote?
    Congress- electorla college casts their vote on the monday after the 2nd wednesday in december (13-19)
  7. Who counts the votes?
    the president fo the senate (V.P)
  8. what are the qualifications for president?
    • 35 years of age
    • 14 years a resident of the us
    • must be a natural born citizen
  9. Who takes over in case of death, resignation, removal or inability of the president?
    vice president
  10. What is the order of the president succession act?
    • speaker of the house
    • president pro tempore of the senate
    • secretary of state
    • proceeded by the other secretaries of the cabinent in the order they were created
  11. What occurs if there is a vacancy in the office of the vice president?
    president nominates a vice president, but senate and house have to appove
  12. What was the last cabinent position created?
    2001, and head of homeland security
  13. What actually elects the president?
    • states choose electors to vote for president
    • states electors = # of reps + senators in the state
  14. Can a candidate who has more popular votes still lose the election? give ex.
    • YES
    • hayes
    • harrison
    • bush
  15. What does your vote mean?
    choosing electors who support your candidate
  16. The candidate who wins the popular vote in a state usually gets:
    all the states electoral college vote
  17. What is rohrer's theory?
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